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​There are lot of online videos that boast remedies for cleaning tough stains from carpets and getting rid of horrific odors from upholstery, but it’s not as simple as using a vinegar solution if you want a professional result that endures for more than a few days.

When you have pets and high traffic areas, you’re bound to experience some pretty tough cleaning needs but do-it-yourself remedies typically do nothing more that siphon money and offer temporary results. Carpet Cleaners Reading has the results you need for the best carpet cleaning in the region and we take great pride in our top rated reputation you can trust do no harm to your property.

About Us
Our clients know us as a top rated carpet cleaning service in the Reading, PA region and once you use our services you will feel the same. We can tell you stories of countless clients who have tough grime and embedded dirt in their carpets and upholstery and they’ve come away with a success story of exceptional cleaning they were proud of and we can do the same for you. We work on residential and commercial properties and it does not matter how big or small the project. We put all of our effort into ensuring that you have the best carpet cleaning possible. You will come away from the experience with a restored carpet or upholstery you can once again feel proud to own.

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Our Services

​Reading carpet cleaning that offers success is often challenging to find. But once you’ve discovered us, you will be happy that you did. Whether it is chem dry carpet service, carpet steam cleaning or tough pet stains and odors, we are ready to serve you with excellent results. There is no need to get on all fours and scrub using elbow grease that can damage the fibers of your expensive carpet or permanently damage your beautiful upholstery. We have exceptional products that offer the results you’re seeking at the cheap carpet cleaning prices you want. Your home is your castle and there’s no need to rip up or tear down textiles because you believe they can’t be cleaned to perfection

 Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Hire Carpet Cleaning Reading for all your carpet and upholstery cleaning tasks and you will not regret it. We bring carpet back to life and restore your upholstery to the look it once had when you first purchased it. That is how good our services are for clients. Whether you’ve had a guest spill red wine or a customer track mud onto your carpeting, we can assist you and offer the results you want to for your residential or commercial property to look good again.

Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning

Rugs are important investment pieces and you want it well taken care of to pass it on to your next generation, but you can hardly do that if it’s not properly maintained with the best cleaning methods. When your rugs are dirty and have experienced heavy traffic or if they are wall pieces in which a great deal of dust has settled, we clean them to perfection. Your rugs are safe from damage when you put them into our care for cleaning.

​“We use Carpet Cleaning Reading PA for our office carpet cleaning on a quarterly basis and we highly recommend them to any business for their high quality and affordable prices.” – Doug S.

 Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning​

Try our tile and grout cleaning and we guarantee it will be the best cleaning you’ve ever had for them. We get rid of unsightly mold and mildew that can cause an odor and bacteria that can make you ill. There’s no need for your bathroom to look like a public restroom with mold and mildew when you can hire the best cleaners in Reading, PA to take care of the task for you.

 Pet Stains & Odor Removal

Pet Stains & Odor Removal

Whether you have cats or dogs or both or some other kind of pet, they are a beloved part of your family. They sit on your couches and your carpet but sometimes they leave stains and odors behind. Though you may not mind, your guests might. We can provide you with deep cleaning for all your carpets and upholstery to provide a fresh and sanitized environment that is healthy and comfortable for everyone.

​“I highly recommend Carpet Cleaning Reading for rug cleaning. We have an imported Persian rug that has been in our family for 3 generations and they’ve carefully cleaned it. ” – Hillary L.

 Water Damage & Restoration

Water Damage & Restoration

Water damage can wreak havoc on your home and it’s not always possible to clean up the problem yourself when it is extensive. The likelihood of mold and mildew setting in and spreading is great when you don’t see professional care for water damage and restoration. Carpet Cleaners Reading is here to assist you so that you don’t incur further damage to your home or to your health from mold and mildew from water damage.

 Commercial Cleaning

​Commercial Cleaning

You might feel like it takes a miracle to clean your carpet and upholstery for your commercial property, but Carpet Cleaners Reading can do wonders. We have the state of the art equipment and eco friendly products to clean the dirt and ground in grime from your carpets and upholstery and restore it to the way it once was. Your customers and staff will be happy for the restoration and freshness.

​“We have 3 dogs that LOVE playing in the mud and the odor can become very bad and really uncomfortable for our friends who come visit, we call Carpet Cleaning Reading on a regular basis to ensure that our home always looks clean and always smells fresh. They do a great job and the people who come clean are always very courteous and friendly.” – Sarah D.

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When you are hunting for an exceptional carpet cleaner, you don’t need to search any further once you found us! Reading Carpet Cleaning. As the best carpet cleaner in the region, we are proud of our reputation and we aim to please all of our customers by responding rapidly to their requests. Contact us via email, phone and social media and we will provide the carpet cleaning tips you’re seeking to help you make the right decision for your carpet and upholstery.

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